Geriatric Medical Care for South Carolina's Seniors

Senior Health Associates is South Carolina's leading provider of home based geriatric primary care.  We take an active approach to our patients' health looking for ways to prevent illness and keep our patients functioning at the highest possible level.

Our providers are board certified in Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Care.  

Seniors have unique characteristics that differentiate them from younger populations. The majority of health care practitioners caring for older patients have not been adequately trained.  As a result, many practitioners treat an 85 year old patient in the same manner as a 50 year old patient - despite the remarkable differences between these patient populations.

 Too often, illnesses in older adults are misdiagnosed, overlooked or dismissed as the normal process of aging simply because many health care professionals are not trained to recognize how diseases and drugs affect older patients differently than younger patients.